A more convenient way to market your property . . . and keep more of the rental income

Renting out your villa or apartment for holidays is a great way to generate income. There are just two drawbacks though.

First, advertising your property can be quite expensive, and can cut the profit you make. It can also be complicated if you have to place adverts in lots of different magazines or websites.

Second, offering your property for rental can be very involved and take up far more of your time than you’d like.

We can solve both these problems to provide you with a truly easy and convenient way to make the most of opportunities in holiday rentals, and keep a bigger percentage of the income.


Easy advertising, with just one fee

The most effective way to save money is to do your own marketing, and our website makes this so easy for you.

Just register with us and pay a single annual fee of only €150 per property.
Then, enter all the details of your property and it will be displayed on the website to be seen by a wide audience of paying customers seeking a villa or apartment in Crete.

Any customer will then be able to deal with you direct. They can contact you to make the arrangements – or even do everything online, including making payments into your account.

By taking this option you can keep costs down and be more competitive. At the same time you are saving on advertising expense, and there is no commission to pay to any agents, so you keep more of the rental income.
We’ve made everything simple for you. Once you have registered you can use our template to enter photographs of your property and all the details such as dates available and costs. We will then add it to the listings here on our website. Your customers will even be able to book and pay online. You can visit the site at any time to update or amend the information yourself.

If you would like to take this option, please register below.

register now


Full management service that saves you hassle

Many owners prefer not to deal with all the time-consuming paperwork and administration that is involved in renting out property.

Basically, they want the income without the inconvenience.
So, we offer an all-inclusive management package tailored to your specific needs.

This allows you to make a profit, with complete peace of mind and no hassle.

You can view all the details of this service by clicking here.

To discuss, contact us now and we’ll arrange a meeting to explain how our service operates – and how it can be exactly the rental solution you’re looking for. Just click

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