• Compare the plans
  • More living room
  • Greater privacy
  • Dine at leisure
  • Suit your lifestyle
  • Pets welcome?
  • Babies and little ones
  • Hidden costs?
  • Typical hotel
  • Average nightly rate YYYY Per person
  • Average hotel room xx sq m
  • Maid walking in. Thin hotel walls, so you hear next door...and they hear you. Overcrowded hot tub and pool.
  • You’re on vacation, but they want you to keep to their schedule. Otherwise, you have the expense of eating out.
  • The same style of hotel room you’ve seen so many times before.
  • Probably not.
  • Not always child-friendly, and added cost for extras.
  • How do you know until you check out?
  • Our rentals
  • Average nightly rate xxxx
  • Average property area xx sq m
  • Rest, relaxation . . romance. Complete bliss with no interruptions.
  • Fully equipped kitchens and dining spaces mean you eat when and what you want, without watching the clock...or the cost.
  • Your choice . . . beachfront apartments, village villas, down by the sea or up in the hills.
  • Don’t leave your best friend behind, lots of our properties are pet friendly.
  • Let us know if you need anything from and high chairs to playpens.
  • No, because you can discuss everything up front with the owner – so no shocks.

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